Work history

I lead digital strategy and software product teams. I focus on climate.

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Probable Futures

I currently serve as Product Lead and have the privilege to work with incredibly smart people across a wide range of disciplines from climate scientists to engineers and designers to the partners who apply our resources across a wide range of sectors and industries.


Between 2018 and early 2023, I worked with the good people at Postlight. I led teams, managed and hired product managers, and worked across many industries. I learned a ton and grew a lot. I always planned to eventually work full time on climate and found an opportunity with Probable Futures.

Employment detail note: I worked at Postlight full time from 2018–2022 and in a contract role working only with Probable Futures from 2022–2023, after deciding to focus only on climate-related work.

Selected projects from my time at Postlight:

Carbon Direct

I contracted with Carbon Direct for six months in the early days of the company. I served as the only person with product experience and advised strategies related to software products and digital presence. I managed a search, bid, and hiring process for an agency to handle design and development of the initial digital presence and potentially future digital products for the company.

New York Ave

I held various full-time roles at New York Ave from digital, print, and web design to software engineering and product management.

The Dalí Museum Innovation Labs

During my time at New York Ave, I occasionally worked part-time weekend and week-long special events facilitating workshops and executive decision-making meetings for The Salvador Dalí Museum Innovation Labs.

Other influences

In 2013, I encouraged “green” business in Washington State via an AmeriCorps program. At this time, by reading and researching online, I began to more deeply understand and internalize the dramatic mismatch between the scale of humanity's efforts to avert climate catastrophe and risks it poses to civilization. This realization led me to want to develop in-demand skills to accelerate my impact and influence. At the same time, I needed to make a living.

Before and after my role in Washington State, I began my journey into technology by doing freelance design and software engineering work. It fit some skills I had already developed, was fun and interesting, opened doors for financial sustainability, and offered one path to eventually having more impact and influence to devote to desperately-needed climate and environmental efforts after growing my skill set. While learning, I slow-traveled in Italy, France, Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Germany by hitchhiking and doing volunteer labor in exchange for room and board through sites like Traveling slowly and immersing in foreign languages and places off the beaten path had a profound impact on my development and how I relate to people and the world.

In sum, I developed a generalist's approach to engaging with people across disciplines and bringing ideas to life at the intersections of digital strategy, design, technology, human experience, and climate resiliency.

Formal bio

Peter leads digital strategy and software product teams. He focuses on climate and works independently for hire. Among other roles, he serves as Product Lead for the unconventional initiative called Probable Futures. There, he works with scientists, designers, and software engineers to publish interactive maps, science, historical context, and stories to help us all envision the range of futures available to us. These are freely available on People around the world from ages nine to ninety use the maps, context, and stories to prepare for the unavoidable and avoid the unmanageable.

Say hello

I'm always happy to talk, especially about climate, strengthening communities, good design, useful technology, and fun outdoor adventures.