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Peter Croce

I am a curious generalist and lover of the outdoors living in New York City.

Professionally, I lead digital strategy and software product teams. Recently, I have been focused on the climate crisis and am working with the good people at Postlight and others from Woodwell Climate Research Center on Probable Futures, which is a new organization dedicated to making climate science intuitive and resonant.


Before product management, I studied psychology and sociology and worked as a software engineer. Before working in technology, I served as an AmeriCorps volunteer auditing businesses' environmental impact and offering custom energy and solid waste efficiency and reuse plans.

At various times, I slowly work-traveled through parts of Europe while working freelance as a software engineer, lived and worked on a sailboat, and teleported around Scotland and Wales.

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I'm always happy to talk, especially about climate, good product and service design work, and fun outdoor adventures. Say hello.