Coding Workshops

Instilling a knack for creative problem solving through play

Play-based learning ignites creativity and enthusiasm in ways pervasive contemporary methods cannot. That's where we begin.

Students are given challenges to complete and asked to solve them however they see fit. That's how the workshop begins.

After every exercise, group-size permitting, each learner tells a brief story of how they chose their particular solution.

Soon each student or group will have coded their own website, customized it, observed the visual result of every code change, and learned which pieces of code affect which parts of the page.

The goal of the workshop is to create an environment where all learners can use their own decisions, failures, and successes to build something useful. Which really means the goal is to buffer confidence working (playing!) outside comfort zones, develop independent creative problem solving skills, while learning to code.

We'll cover the foundations and, as a function of play's integral role in the program structure, quickly move into more advanced concepts.

In this workshop, you'll get

Introductory and intermediate HTML and CSS

Introductory JavaScript and jQuery

Competency with Bootstrap, the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive projects on the web

Why-based explanations and visuals at every step

Peter Croce points to a screen, teaching kids coding concepts at the Creative Problem Solving Institute in June 2016

Ages, Requirements, Etc.

The program is designed for all ages. For learners under 10, it helps to have a helper present to keep our young minds focused.

It's best if there is at least one device (laptop, desktop, tablet) for every three learners. Alternate programming is available for events where participants far outnumber devices.


Hey there! I'm Peter Croce. I'm a professional web developer and experienced coding teacher. There's more on my work here and feel free to ask me questions - [email protected].

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  1. Projects and devices are set up to allow learners to explore without fear of breaking anything.