You'll be making websites in no time.

How to start

I'm so excited to get you started! This stuff really is a ton of fun.

Send me a message and we'll set up a weekly schedule to get you building right away.

You can always email me with any questions - [email protected]

Play-Based Lessons

Each lesson plan, tweaked for each student's learning style and passions, is designed to teach the right concepts at the right time and to get students into a state of flow as fast as possible. That's where the most learning happens, and where they'll develop the enthusiasm that will propel them toward mastery. Lessons are weekly and cost $30 each, paid in-person or by PayPal if we're learning by FaceTime/Skype.


My mission is to teach kids and teens how to code. I don't have a strict age range but I've noticed kids under the age of eight may have some difficulty learning the concepts we'll dive into. If you're younger and still interested in learning, click one of the buttons above to send me a message. I'm sure we can figure something out.

Crafted with a smile by Peter.