Hello. I'm Peter Croce.

I am a product manager, currently working with the good people at Postlight in New York City. Before that I worked as a product manager for the design-first digital product agency, New York Ave. During that time I have also worked part time as a facilitator of design sprint workshops for The Dali Museum Innovation Labs in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Formal Education

is good but it's people who have most shaped me.

I do the work I do because I value people and believe business and technology can be leveraged as a force for not just doing well but for doing good for people and the life systems on which we rely. Lofty, sure, but it keeps me going.

To that end, I started a Meetup to talk about some of the things above called Wait But Why NYC, co-founded and sit on the board of an org teaching social enterprise at Stetson University called Ethical Incubator, participate in an international community of enterprise-minded changemakers called StartingBloc and another one called Global Shapers, an initiative by the World Economic Forum to bring together young people driving dialogue, action and change.


I do unconventional things.

In the last few years I began practicing and performing improv comedy at SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando, lived and worked on a sailboat, volunteered on a vineyard and olive farm in Tuscany, teleported around Scotland and Wales, and drove around Sicily looking for long "lost" Italian family with my father (spoiler: we found them). I like languages, particularly French, Italian, and Spanish and I know a few words in goat (learned on the Tuscan farm).

Lookout Bothy, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Good communication

is just as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.